Metrics SDK

Library features

Category Feature
Vertex Shapes PointCloud, RangeImage, TriangleMesh, LineSet
Geometries Plane, Line, LineSegment, Sphere, Circle, Cylinder, Cone, Box
Math Matrix, Vector
Registration ICP single and multi-view, Global registration (without initial alignment), Registration of handheld surface scans
Best fit (Gauss), certified by PTB Plane, Line, LineSegment, Circle, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone
Best fit (Chebyshev), certified by PTB Plane, Line, Circle, Sphere, Cylinder
Best fit (Minimum Enclosing) Circle, Sphere, Box
Ransac Best result and all possible results for all geometries
Nearest neighbors search KdTree, RangeImage projection
Object detection Find reference objects in a scan or triangle mesh
Surface matching Feature based surface matching
Cleaning Removal of outliers, small segments, steep points
Smoothing / denoising Bilateral, Gauss, Mean, Median
Hole filling RangeImage: bilateral filling, TriangleMesh: minimum area triangulation, energy minimization
Triangulation / Polygonization Triangulation of point clouds, Triangulation of range images
Decimation PointCloud: spatial thinning, subsampling (by index or random), TriangleMesh: quadric error metrics, RangeImage: subsampling
Calibration Multi sensor calibration (extrinsic pose), Linear transport calibration (for laser scanners)
Segmentation Connectivity segmentation for all vertex shapes
Distance, projection, intersection Intersect geometries (e.g. plane-line -> point), Intersect vertex shapes with geometries (e.g. all points within box)
Regions and selection Lasso, distance-to-geometry, coordinate-range, normal-range, distance-to-vertexshape
OpenGL Window, renderers for all vertexshapes and geometries
GD&T Flatness, Straightness, Circularity, Cylindricity, Parallelism, Perpendicularity
ISO 10360-8 Probing size error, Probing dispersion value

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